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Efficiency is paramount these days, and the largest efficiency gains are to be found through automation. This also holds true for localization of marketing collateral, where software such as media and publishing software one2edit can reduce effort when translating your InDesign documents into multiple languages. But software cannot work its magic alone. The design of the master InDesign document is key to realizing efficiency gains. In other words, any product brochure or flyer or any other marketing document must be designed for localization.

The process of designing a document for localization is different to that of designing for PDF (or print). A product brochure that is designed for PDF must only be correct on the outside. A product brochure that is designed for localization, however, is also correct on the inside. A well‑structured design maintains control, preventing collaborators from breaking your brand compliance. We've gathered for you some important information and structured it as 10 short tips on how to use InDesign functionality to stay on brand and keep your brand consistency even as the content changes.

In our white paper you'll get to know how:
  • to prepare your InDesign document for a localization / translation workflow
  • to create a design to suite all languages
  • to use styles correctly to ensure that your branding guidelines are being followed
  • to create an adaptive InDesign layout with the help of inlines and anchors
  •  and many more

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